The Loving Works Story
The Weight Balancing System Story
For more than ten years in her Alternative Medicine practice, Dr. Kyle offered human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) prescriptions for her patients who needed significant weight loss. Because the daily injections used during the 40-day program were quite inconvenient and the program cost more than $500, she began to investigate a more convenient, lower cost liquid form of hCG in the fall of 2008.
Yet after investing more than $10,000 with attorneys expert with FDA regulations and the drug and medical industry, Dr. Kyle found it impossible to create a business model providing hCG without a prescription. Further, the rapid growth of liquid hCG was found to be illegal in numerous ways. The opportunity seemed lost.
With a curiosity that has helped grow her Alternative Medicine practice, Dr. Kyle did research in bio-chemistry and endocrinology to better understand what hCG was doing at the cellular level. hCG, in combination with a very low calorie diet, created a “fat mobilization” process where the body mobilized fat into energy and the pounds and inches just seemingly melted away. Using a proprietary blend of simple and all-natural ingredients, Dr. Kyle formulated the Wt Balancer® dietary supplement as an alternative to hCG.
Working collaboratively, Dr. Kyle and AJ Deeds* defined the steps of the Weight Balancing System. The program was tested by approximately seventy-five people. Seventy-one people released from 7-to- 28 lbs in the first month. After six months, half of those reporting had kept the weight off and the other half had returned 10-40% of their original weight release due to falling back onto past habits and less healthy food choices. It was clear that the Wt Balancer and the Weight Balancing System were a success.
Through further development, Dr. Kyle recognized how a simple herbal and trace mineral proprietary blend could help people avoid triggers to mindless eating and over-eating that originated from cravings, stress, hunger, boredom, moodiness, poor food habits, The Optimal Wt Maintainer™ products were launched.
By August 2009, friends and colleagues of the testers started showing up at Dr. Kyle’s office asking to get “…those weight drops. By September people started asking if they could get paid for referring other people. The business soon took on a life of its own, by May 1, 2010, the Weight Balancing System and Loving Works LLC were initiated, more than 1,000 people had purchased the Wt Balancer just through word-of-mouth.
Great ideas and innovative solutions did not end with one success story.
After further research revealed how getting adequate sleep of 7 hours per night was as important as diet or exercise in maintaining a long-term healthy weight balance, Dr. Kyle formulated the Sleep Balancer to help in supporting a healthy sleep balance. Further requests from customers for a maintenance product brought about the development of the Wt Stabilizer to help support a healthy weight balance in combination with responsible food choices.
Dr. Kyle continues to research and consider additional product formulas to help support you in achieving a healthy weight and sleep balance. Loving Works looks forward to providing you with the very best in products and tools to support health and wellness.
• *Co -Founder AJ Deeds has since passed away and he is missed.
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