About the Weight Balancing System
Everyone Knows the Best Weight Loss System
It’s a well known fact–the best way to maintain your healthy weight long-term is to eat modest portions of healthy, natural foods, avoid sweets and fatty foods, drink plenty of water, get at least 30 minutes of exercise three-to-four times per week and enjoy restful sleep every night. For those who can follow this simple instruction, the body will maintain a healthy weight balance for many years.
Unfortunately Daily Life Can Keep Us From That Sure-Fire Formula
Unfortunately for the rest of us, life gets in the way all too often. We become over-worked, stretched and stressed. The food cupboard is an easy respite or the convenience of fast, unhealthy food takes the place of the time and energy it takes to create a balanced diet. Further, age, injury, illness or other conditions overtake us and the pounds get added on. The search for a solution leads to a cycle of hope for the latest diet or hot product followed by limited results or worse, adding the weight loss right back on. The health risks of many weight loss products leaves one wondering—we can send men to the moon but we can’t seem to create an all-natural, effective program to help people drop the pounds without all of the side effects and worry
The Weight Balancing System – Simple, Easy, Safe
Welcome to the Weight Balancing System- a simple, easy and safe way to release from 5-20 lbs. per month.
Created by an Alternative Medicine DO
Formulated by an Alternative Medicine Doctor of Osteopathy from Ann Arbor, Michigan, who wanted something for her patients that could help them to maintain a healthy weight balance, the Weight Balancing System combines a simple formula with a reduced portion size food program of whole foods that most people find easy.
Simple, All-Natural, Liquid Drops Used Twice Per Day
The Weight Balancing System uses simple all-natural ingredients in a proprietary blend liquid dietary supplement. After waking and brushing one’s teeth, a person takes 10 drops under the tongue, holds for 3 minutes and avoids food and water for 10 minutes. Again before dinner, the user takes the 10 drops, holds for 3 minutes and avoids food and water for 10 minutes. Then by following the reduced portion size food program of healthy whole foods, the results are noticeable within days.
Fat Mobilization Reduces Pounds and Inches Quickly
By using the dietary supplement—the Wt Balancer– and following a reduced portion size food program, the body enters a “fat mobilization” cycle, where abnormal body fat is turned into energy and the inches and pounds just melt away. People are truly amazed at this process.
Food Program is Flexible
The Weight Balancing System is flexible and easy to follow. The food program helps you focus on eating whole and healthy foods, including:
- 2 servings of low-fat protein
- 2 servings of fresh or frozen vegetables, with lots of vegetable choices
- 2 servings of fruit, whether for snacks or during your main meals
- 2 servings of low glycemic carbohydrates, usually as snacks (50-75g per day or less) - NO sugar or high fat, fried foods
- lots of liquids, including water, teas, coffee (yes, caffeine is acceptable) and for those who imbibe, top-shelf vodka, rum or gin only with zero-calorie mixers
While the primary diet targets 1000-1100 calories per day, you can also follow the “faster” program of approximately 800 calories or the most flexible program at 1400-1500 calories, although it may take longer to release the weight you desire. The whole program can be designed to meet your specific needs.
Unlike Other Programs with hCG, Hormones, Exotic Herbs, Questionable Stimulants and Strange Limitations, the Weight Balancing System is Simple and Straight-forward
If you’re tired of other programs that use illegal hCG, hormones, questionable stimulants or exotic herbs with unclear side effects, the Weight Balancing System provides you with the solution using your own foods and an all-natural ingredient dietary supplement. There are no strange limitations, such as you can’t wear certain skin care lotions or you can’t exercise. Who ever heard of a weight loss program where you can’t exercise? Exercise as much as you wish with the Weight Balancing System—and although exercise is great, especially for long-term health and mobility, it’s not a requirement with the Weight Balancing System.
Most People Swear There is an Appetite Suppressant—There Isn’t
Most people are amazed at the increased energy and the lack of feeling hungry. Some feel there must be some kind of appetite suppressant. There isn’t. The fat mobilization process is turning abnormal body fat into energy—thus many users report feeling refreshed, surprisingly not hungry and able to carry their usual daily schedule without feeling anxious, “shaky,” or fatigued.
Unique Optimal Wt Maintainer™ Products Help Avoid Triggers to Mindless Eating and Over Eating
One of the pitfalls to dieting or most weight loss programs is the awful cravings, the hunger, the over-eating, especially after the diet is over and the pounds seem to just get pasted right back on. Such experiences can be very frustrating. A unique aspect of the Weight Balancing System is the seven Optimal Wt Maintainer™ products. These all-natural proprietary blends of simple herbal and trace mineral ingredients target specific triggers that can lead to mindless eating or over-eating, including:
- cravings for your special food, from sweets to salty
- stress that sends you running to the cupboard for relief
- boredom that gets filled by eating an entire box or package
- moodiness or upset that finds solace in the refrigerator
- hunger that comes on even though your stomach isn’t growling
- poor food habits triggered by time or an event, like watching TV or while driving
- symptoms of PMS that make more food seem like
– why not?
In addition, Loving Works offers the Wt Stabilizer™ as a maintenance product to help you keep the weight off. The Wt Stabilizer supports liver and gall bladder function, helps to improve digestion of fats and sugars, helps to reduce inflammation that can lead to food allergies that drive cravings, helps you to manage stress, especially the impact on digestion and promotes calm and mental focus, that help you keep to your commitment of a healthy weight balance. In combination with responsible food choices, the Wt Stabilizer can help you keep the weight off going forward.
Some People Should Not Use the Weight Balancing System
Women who are pregnant or lactating or prepubescent teens should avoid the Weight Balancing System due to the low nutrition levels of the very low calorie diet. Prepubescent teens also need greater nutrition and should not follow the program. For most teens aged 17 and older, it is acceptable to take the Wt Balancer. Please contact Loving Works if you have specific questions.
The Weight Balancing System Combines Mental, Dietary and Behavioral Approaches to Help You Build New Patterns to Keep the Weight Off
The Weight Balancing System follows a five step program:
1. Get ready
2. Set your intention, which includes an activity to help you to disconnect from your current body size and weight
3. Release. The third step –Release– combines the Wt Balancer™ liquid dietary supplement with the reduced portion size food program to help you learn how to eat in a more healthy fashion without feeling hungry. Avoiding over-eating or mindless eating helps you push away from the table and builds new habits. You find that you’ll split a single entrée at a restaurant with your spouse, partner or friend and feel fully satisfied. Food is no longer a crutch or the center of life but the important fuel that can help you to live
4. Transition. There is an unique transitioning step that helps you identify and avoid the point at which you are likely to put the weight back on.
5. Balance. The final step is all about balancing via applying what you’ve learned in the previous steps, making responsible food choices, monitoring your weight, as well as considering the Wt Stabilizer™ as a support product. The new patterns you’ve created during the program have helped many to keep the weight from returning. For those who fall back into old patterns due to holidays, vacation, health issues or because they weren’t ready, the Weight Balancing System can be used for a second round at a future time to continue to make progress.
You’re Invited to Explore the Weight Balancing System with the Full Backing of Loving Works
We stand fully behind the Weight Balancing System. We have found more than 99% of people who use the system get a result. And our satisfaction rates have consistently gone above 95%. Refunds—where we pay shipping both ways—are fewer than 1%
Find out what is creating a great deal of excitement. Read the testimonials or contact an Independent Distributor to hear her or his story. The results have been gratifying and thrilling—truly life-changing for so many people already.
This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. The statements about this product have not been approved by the FDA.
Do not take Wt Balancer™ if you are pregnant or nursing. Keep bottle in cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.
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