Distributor Commission Plan
1 Independent Distributors (Distributor) will be given a number that should be given to your customers in order for you to receive credit for a sale made directly through the LovingWorks (Company) website.
2 Direct shipped orders are subject to shipping and handling charges. Specials, discounts, and free shipping are at the discretion of the Company.

Should a Distributor choose to provide special pricing or free shipping to a customer those costs will be deducted from their Credit account when the purchase is through our fulfillment department.
3 The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $99.00
4 Established Distributors will be required to agree to the Company Code of ethics, Operational Policies and Procedures, deviation in these practices will be cause for cancellation of the Distributorship with written thirty (30) day notice.
5 As new products are introduced Distributors will be required to become familiar with the new product, however participation in various product promotions will not be mandatory.
6 The $289 cost of the distributorship will include a starter kit containing:
    3- 2oz. bottles of Weight Balancer
    Copies of the Companies code of Ethics
    Policies and Procedures
    Order forms
    Product Literature
    Website to track your sales and sales credits
7 Distributor Pricing:
    Level 1: Sales or purchase of 1-11 bottles per Month – $ 70 per bottle, or Total Sales Volume (TSV) of $770
    Level 2: 1-3 Cases 12- 35 bottles per month - $60 per bottle, or TSV of $771 - $2,099
    Level 3: 3-10 Cases 36-119 bottles per month- $56 per bottle, or TSV of $2,100 - $6,664
    Level 4: 10-30 Cases 120-359 - $50 per bottle, or TSV of $6,665 – $17,950
    Level 5: 30 Case monthly sales volume $40 per bottle, TSV of $17,951
  After twelve bottles are purchased all remaining bottles purchased in that month will be credited at the case price. Even the first 11 purchases get rolled back to the case pricing, adding to the distributor’s credit for the month. This roll back feature will be true for each discount level achieved during a month. If a distributor reaches Level 3 their TSV will be discounted 43% from retail.
  These sales volumes level represent:
Sales Level     Discount %
Level 1 30%
Level 2 39%
Level 3 43%
Level 4 49%
Level 5 59%
  These volume levels apply to Dr. Kyle’s products only.
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