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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use the Weight Balancing System without seeing my doctor?
As in any change in your diet or exercise program, we highly recommend that you check in with your licensed health care provider before starting any program that involves your health. The products used with the Weight Balancing System are dietary supplements and do not require a prescription.
What is Wt Balancer® and how does it work?
The Wt Balancer® is a liquid dietary supplement that is the key component of the Weight Balancing System™. In combination with a healthy, reduced portion-sized food program, the Wt Balancer® helps the body to mobilize significant amounts of body fat each day that is turned into energy. The result is that a user releases from 5-20 pounds per month.
The Wt Balancer® product mobilizes what is called “abnormal” fat—unnecessary fat that is stored in the body. Abnormal fat can cause an undesirable body shape. As this fat turns into energy and is released, a user drops pounds and inches but does not get the starved look so often associated with other diet products that use metabolism stimulants or exotic herbal supplement combinations. With Wt Balancer® you are able to achieve the healthy weight balance that you desire.
Are the Wt Balancer® and other products safe?
Yes, these products are safe. A licensed medical Doctor of Osteopathy formulated the Wt Balancer®. There are just a few ingredients in the proprietary blend—green tea extract, the trace mineral chromium, spring water and rosemary extract (as an anti-fungal and antimicrobial). Green tea is a GRAS substance—generally regarded as safe—based on extensive scientific research. Green tea is used in thousands of products and has been a staple, especially in eastern countries, for several thousand years. The trivalent chromium used in the Wt Balancer™ is well below daily values established by the US government. Rosemary is a plant known for its use in culinary dishes and cooking as well as for its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. The dietary supplements do not produce undesirable or uncomfortable side effects.
Some users have reported a variety of experiences while following the reduced portion-sized food program. The most common involve a slight headache or band around the head on day 3 and 4 of the food program—the first several days when you start the reduced portion size food program. This usually is associated with the withdrawal of carbohydrates and sugars from the body. Drinking additional water is helpful if this condition occurs. The second most reported condition is constipation that can occur in week 2 or 3 when on the program. Drinking additional water, choosing green leafy vegetables as your vegetable serving, drinking senna tea, or taking psyllium husk supplements can add in sufficient fiber to become more regular. Loving Works also stocks a helpful product that is available for purchase.
A small percentage of users have reported a variety of experiences when following the program, from feeling irritable for several days, to having lower energy or to feeling “off” their usual selves or slightly light-headed, especially if they are releasing more than one pound per day on average. These conditions often result from releasing toxins that are stored in abnormal fat cells. Drink additional water to help to flush these potential toxins. If you feel light-headed or are releasing more than 1 pound per day on average for 10-12 days, you will want to add in more protein either for breakfast or during other meals.
Other products use herbs that have been available in the marketplaces for decades. The products are made in the United States under supervision by Loving Works to ensure compliance to Loving Works quality standards.
Please contact Loving Works Customer Service for any questions about any products or experiences you may encounter. 
The Wt Balancer®, Sleep Balancer™, Wt Stabilizer™ and Optimal Wt Maintainer™ products are free of animal products, gluten, soy, nuts, stimulants, exotic herbs such as hoodia, ephedrine, gaurana, hormones, fat/carb blockers, appetite suppressors, nutrition blockers, amphetamines or other strong herbal or stimulating ingredients. They are simple, easy and safe formulations.
I’m not sure I can follow this kind of diet. What happens if I cheat just a little?
While users have reported releasing weight while “cheating” or not following the food program very closely, the more you adhere to the low fat, low carbohydrate, reduced portion-size food program regimen, the more weight you can expect to release. Sometimes you’ll fall off the program as that sugar or carb food will call your name. It happens. You’ll want to be careful it doesn’t lead to binges and stopping the program.
If you do “cheat,” don’t fret. Just get started back on the Food Program the next meal or the next day. You’ll be fine. Keep going. Trust the system as it does indeed work.
If you feel yourself falling back into old eating habits or getting triggered, you may want to consider the Optimal Wt Maintainer™ products to help you steer clear or avoid those times when you feel like over-eating or if you fall into mindless eating.
Won’t my metabolism slow down if I’m on a reduced portion-sized diet?
Normally when we cut back on calories, our bodies store fat and our metabolism slows down. This happens because fat is a life-saving source of stored energy. When a reduced portion-sized food program is used in conjunction with the Wt Balancer™ system, the Wt Balancer® dietary supplement signals the body to use abnormal fat for energy, which works to eliminate excess fat reserves. As you mobilize these abnormal fat stores, you increase the ratio of lean muscle to fat. This will increase your resting metabolism over time. Resting metabolism is the rate at which you metabolize food while sitting or resting. Thus you’ll continue to release weight without effort. The Weight Balancing System takes advantage of the fat mobilization process to help you avoid feeling hungry and to reduce inches and release weight.
Wouldn’t I lose the same amount of weight eating a reduced portion-sized diet without Wt Balancer®?
Certainly you can lose weight by simply eating fewer calories and less fat. Yet since many people consume 2000, 2500, 3000 or more calories per day, dropping down to half or fewer calories per day becomes difficult. People often experience headaches and become irritable and grumpy due to the lack of food. In addition, the body stores fat when stressed. When the body experiences food deprivation, the adrenal glands secrete the hormone Cortisol, which signals the body to hold on to fat. Without the Wt Balancer®, the fewer calories you consume, the more likely you will lose muscle instead of fat. As you lose muscle, your muscle-to-fat ratio decreases and causes your resting metabolism to slow down. All of these conditions tend to reduce the ability to lose fat and trim inches when one just cuts down on the amount of food you are eating.
By using the Wt Balancer® with the reduced portion-size food program, extra fat is mobilized for energy. You benefit by getting rid of more excess fat than muscle. You lose inches easily.
The Wt Balancer® food program reduces my food portion sizes; will I get hungry?
Because the Wt Balancer® helps your body to mobilize fat, making the stored fat calories available to you as an energy source, it can help to reduce feelings of hunger. So even though your portion sizes are smaller, your body can access the energy you have stored in fat cells. After 2 days, many people notice a significant decrease in their appetite. Overall, people have reported feeling plenty of energy and feeling good while on the program. Many users are surprised that there is no appetite suppressor because they just don’t feel hungry.
A few people report feeling hungry at times, which is most often an effect called “brain hunger.” Even though the body isn’t physically hungry (stomach isn’t growling), certain times of day (morning 10 am break, noon lunch time, 2 pm or 3 pm afternoon snack time, evening or late at night) trigger habitual eating that is not based on physical hunger. Some people find their eating is triggered by habit rather than by hunger. This “brain hunger” is the brain notifying the body that it’s “time to eat” based on a trigger. The Wt Maintainer™ product, Hunger Eliminator®, can help you to avoid habitual eating triggered by this “brain” hunger. Additionally, once you understand that you just aren’t physically hungry, it gets easier to move beyond the triggered “brain hunger.” After several days of interrupting old patterns, you will find it easier to continue with the program and achieve your optimal balance.
Will Wt Balancer® interfere with medications or lab tests? What about prescriptions?
Wt Balancer® does not interact with any medications, including birth control pills or prescriptions. We recommend not taking cholesterol tests during the Releasing phase or until four weeks after you have stopped taking the Wt Balancer® as results may be skewed due to the fat mobilization process.
For those with Diabetes type 2, gall bladder issues/surgery or a history of gout or gout attacks, you will want to work closely with your health care provider to adjust downwards the 2 high fat days and monitoring your medication. While following the Weight Balancing System Food Program, you may find that your medication may need to be reduced.
Will I experience any changes in my menstrual cycle taking Wt Balancer®?
Wt Balancer® will not affect a woman’s menstrual cycle or the ability to become pregnant, nor will it increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. It is recommended that pregnant women or women who are lactating not use the product only because of the insufficient nutrition needed for supporting growth for the infant or fetus.
How much weight can I expect to release on the program?
Users can release from 5- 20 lbs per month. The typical experience is women will release from 5-10 lbs per month and men will release from 7-14lbs per month on the STANDARD PROGRAM. Those on the FASTER PROGRAM have a typical weight release of 8-12 lbs/month for women and 12-16lbs/month for men. If you want more variety and a slower weight release, use the MORE FLEXIBLE PROGRAM. Women typically release 4-6lbs/month and men release 6-8lbs/month.
The amount of weight released is based on how strictly you follow the food program. Most people notice an effect within the first week. Clothes start to fit better. You have more energy. You feel better. There is often a phased effect where you notice a change and then nothing happens for several days or longer. Be patient. The plateau will pass and you’ll notice you’re releasing more weight or your size is reducing. The inches will noticeably change.
Does the weight release slow down after the first month?
Many times what we see is a significant amount of weight release in the first month or even in the beginning of a month, then a plateau or leveling off. This does not mean that your weight releasing has stopped. Typically, inches are being reduced continuously while on the program, and after a period of time, users will experience another significant change in the scale. Weight release is often achieved in a stepwise fashion. If you are choosing to follow the Release Phase for two or three months, keep going. The results you seek will come.
What are the Optimal Wt Maintainer™ products?
The Optimal Wt Maintainer™ products are dietary supplements using proprietary blended formulations designed to help you to steer clear or avoid the triggers that often cause mindless eating or over-eating. Each formula is targeted for a specific trigger—stress, cravings, hunger, boredom, emotional upset, habit and for women, PMS. You can take one or more of the varieties each day as a preventive plus you can use the product when you experience a trigger up to 3 times per day. Instead of reaching for food to resolve your trigger, you can take a specific Optimal Wt Maintainer™ product to help you to get beyond the urge and build new, healthier habits and a happier “YOU.” The amount of ingredients in each version is small, so if you are taking multiple doses, you won’t need to be concerned about taking too much.
Eventually, you’ll find that you can take care of the stress, craving, hunger, boredom, or emotional issue without the Optimal Wt Maintainer™ itself, as the products themselves are non-habit forming. Optimal Wt Maintainer™ products are great to help you to avoid “cheating” at any time–– while releasing weight, while transitioning, and while maintaining your new weight balance.
I’m a vegetarian. Is there a version of the food program for me?
The current version of the reduced portion-size food program works for vegetarians. Focus on the variety of protein selections, including dairy, eggs, nuts/seeds, beans/legumes, quinoa and mung/black bean protein pastas. Vegetarians have released significant amounts of weight using this system. Abnormal fat in vegetarians is often the result of over-consumption of carbohydrates and sugars and a protein imbalance. The Weight Balancing System provides an effective method to release abnormal fat. This program is not recommended for vegans.
This sounds like the hCG diet that has become popular. Is this the hCG hormone?
No. The Wt Balancer® does not contain the hCG hormone.
Wt. Balancer® is a dietary supplement that was formulated by a licensed medical Doctor of Osteopathy. It does not contain the hCG hormone and is not a prescription product. While the Weight Balancing System™ eating plan uses a reduced portion plan, it is not as strict or limited and offers greater choice than the hCG Simeons protocol. In addition, the Weight Balancing System uses the Wt Balancer® dietary supplement and has the Wt Stabilizer™ and Optimal Wt Maintainer™ products, which are not available on the hCG diet protocol.
Finally,according to FDA regulations, only the injection form of hCG, prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner and fulfilled by a licensed pharmacy, is legal. In some states (MS, LA, ID), hCG is illegal for weight loss even via prescription. All over-the-counter forms of hCG, whether homeopathic or otherwise, are illegal.
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