How The Weight Balancing System Works
Get Ready
Change happens instantly. It’s getting ready for change that seems to take forever. The Weight Balancing System helps you to change your eating patterns, your food choices, and your actions that will help you release the weight and keep it off. But unless you are ready, the program may not be as successful. How ready are you to lose weight now?
Set Your Intentions
You’re ready. Now let’s get set. You write down your goals, your intentions, about how many pounds and inches you want to release. You set which food program you want to use—regular, fastest or most flexible. Then you do a simple activity to disconnect from your current self to make room for your new self. Now you’re set. Let’s go!
You release pounds and inches by following your food program, the release diet. You take the Wt Balancer®, a liquid dietary supplement to help you mobilize fat from your abnormal fat stores. You eat as much high fat protein for two days as you can. Then you follow your food program, managing your portion sizes and eating healthy, whole foods including lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, low glycemic carbohydrates and drinking lots of water. You avoid high fatty foods, sugar, high carb and convenience foods. And you get to see the pounds and inches coming off
You can avoid yo-yoing weight back on with the Transition step. When you have reached your goal or are ready to take a break, you stop taking the Wt Balancer®. You transition for 9-days, increasing your proteins for the first 3 days, increasing fats for the next 3 days and finally adding in more carbs the last 3 days. You watch the scale daily. If you’ve added 1 or more lbs in a day, you ate too much yesterday. Drop your amounts or type of foods eaten to avoid putting the weight back on. You can also start taking the Wt Stabilizer™ to help you to maintain your healthy weight balance.
You’re now at your healthy weight balance. To keep your balance, continue to make responsible food choices that you learned in the Release and Transition steps, exercise, get at least 7 hours of restful sleep and manage your stress. You can take the Wt Stabilizer™ to help you to maintain your healthy weight balance. If you have trouble sleeping, you may want to consider the Sleep Balancer™ from Loving Works.
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