Our Intentions
Certain questions are raised when a company chooses the direct sales marketing model. Will the company be trustworthy? Will they be able to meet their commitments? If I start promoting their products, will they do a great job for my friends and colleagues who I sell to or will I become embarrassed because of poor service, an ineffective product or some other lame-brained thing? Will this really help me make some additional income and possibly some serious money or will it all be just another waste of time?
At Loving Works, we’ve previously been distributors for other companies. We’ve had some great experiences from solid companies that stood behind their helpful products. We’ve also lost time and money when the so-called “next big thing” turned into the next big bust. We’ve shouldered the embarrassment when family members or friends have pointed out how our association with “an amazing product” turned into just another pipe dream or a fizzled failure.
Loving Works chose the Distributor based marketing model for several important reasons. First, a Distributor sales model follows the natural flow of what happens when people use the Weight Balancing System™. They start releasing weight quickly. They are amazed at how easy it is and how they just aren’t all that hungry on the food program. And as the inches and pounds drop off—especially in the first few weeks—other people start to really notice. Others want access to the product, it becomes obvious that there is a potential to earn additional income if referrals are made. The customer base takes form automatically and it just makes sense to enjoy talking about what worked for you
Secondly, sharing the money that comes from distributing the product with you and tens of thousands of individuals like you aligns well with our vision. Helping each other to grow in body, heart, mind and spirit is our over-arching purpose. Helping others earn greater income becomes a natural extension of that vision. We can’t support this vision very well if a major cost—distribution—is given to a few large corporations or big box retailers.
Third, we not only want to add value to individuals but strive to promote life-enriching experiences that build community. When we have positive, common shared experiences, we build each other up. Being a part of the Loving Works community, we get a local effect of having others who are there to motivate us, those who set a solid example that we can copy and who we can talk with about our progress using the Weight Balancing System. We also become part of something larger than ourselves that increases the meaning of releasing some weight. Sure, we’re looking and feeling better. But we’re also contributing to a movement that is changing the health of America, 10 lbs at a time.
Finally, Loving Works subscribes to the philosophy of doing well by doing good. Or as Dr. Kyle likes to put it, “help a lot of people and make a lot of money—not one without the other!” Releasing 5-20 lbs per month may not seem like much to some people, but the stories we hear from customers of the Weight Balancing System reach right to the core of being of service to our fellow human beings. Getting in balance with food and weight is a personal challenge for so many people and to provide such an effective tool has brought life changes to others. The stories of personal change and empowerment are phenomenal. Additionally, we see the opportunity for many people, ourselves included, to increase our earnings potential. And that opens up new choices to better ourselves, our families and our lives.
At Loving Works our intention is to set an example of how the Distributor based marketing model can work in a positive way to build business and help others. If we fall down on that intention, we’re counting on you to send a clear reminder. Email or call us. We want to know how well we are doing and if our intention is becoming our reality.
Loving Works Philosophy
At Loving Works. We believe that there are opportunities each day to help each other to grow in body, heart, mind and spirit.
Our focus is to bring balance to life—for health, for prosperity and for helping others. Human beings are social creatures who excel when interacting with one another. There are times where we can help others and then times where we need help. There are times where we have knowledge to share that can change lives and times when we have much to learn from others who can change our own lives. Community is where we share the treasures of experience and camaraderie that bring richness to living.
A wise old person once said that each of us is like a stitch in the fabric of life. We each have our role to play for the community to survive. If one stitch comes unraveled, the garment can weaken. We can strengthen the fabric when each of us moves towards greater personal balance.
Our Mission at Loving Works is to develop and market unique products, tools and methods that help customers achieve balance in body, heart, mind and spirit while delivering substantial rewards for shareholders, employees, suppliers, and the communities where we live, work and play.
We understand that prosperity is important because it brings the resources to make better choices for ourselves, our loved ones and others we have yet to meet. This is why we have chosen Distributor marketing, as it can affect the greatest number of people with an opportunity to increase their income. If we can increase your income while helping others bring about positive change, we can help change our world for the better.
We seek the opportunity to do well by doing good, to be catalysts for positive change in ourselves as well as in others, to set a positive example and to live with integrity. We recognize that the greatest gift others can give to us is their trust. And like a treasure, we have responsibility to guard that trust. This means we will do our best to provide products that perform as claimed and represent our business with accurate and realistic information so people are able to clearly decide if using Loving Works’ products or joining the Loving Works community is right for them.
Finally we seek to set an intention of prosperity for those who join our community, for the good fortune of health and happiness as much as financial gain. May your intention coincide with ours as we seek to make a difference for all involved.
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