Using the Weight Balancing System Food Program
 Weight Balancing System Food Program
The Weight Balancing System helps you reconnect with eating whole foods– lean protein, lots of vegetables and fruit, low glycemic carbs and lots of water. You avoid the sugars, high fats, convenience foods, high carbohydrate foods and fast food
There are three versions. Most people will follow the STANDARD PROGRAM version.
The amount of weight you release may be typical or may be more or much more than that shown above. Your experience will be uniquely your own.
Take the Which Program Do I Use Survey to determine which version will work best for you.
Day 1 and 2
Day 1 and 2: Take the Drops + Eat as Much High Fat Food as You Can For all programs: on the first 2 days you take the Wt Balancer® dietary supplement twice per day (1/2ml per serving or 10 drops taken sublingually, under the tongue, held for 2-3 minutes, then swallow. Avoid food or liquids for 10 minutes) and eat as much high fat protein as you can
Day 3 – Until You Reach Your Goal
Starting on Day 3, you continue taking the Wt Balancer® twice per day, reduce your portion size to the amount of whole foods shown on your chosen program. When you decide to stop, you move to the Transition phase.
Drink any amount of water, tea or coffee. If you do moderate to heavy exercise or have a physically demanding job, you can choose one serving of an optional protein.
Lunch and Dinner
For each lunch and dinner meal, you take one protein serving, one vegetable serving, one fruit serving and one carbohydrate serving. There are many choices shown below.
First choose your protein:
Next choose your vegetable serving. Please avoid corn and potatoes of any kind. Fresh vegetables are preferred. Frozen is acceptable. Avoid canned vegetables. You can have more than one vegetable per meal if you reduce the serving size by the number of vegetables you choose. For example, if you want a spinach salad with tomatoes and cucumbers (3 items) reduce the serving size of each item by one-third. Best measured before cooking.
Next choose your fruit serving. Fresh is preferred. Frozen is acceptable. Avoid canned. Avoid cooked fruit other than applesauce. Make sure your 2 fruit servings/day are 6 hours apart to help avoid a spike in your blood sugar levels.
Next choose your carbohydrate serving. Usually considered as snacks
Getting an optimal amount of liquid per day, primarily drinking enough water, is very important. Best to target 1/3 to 1/2 your body weight in ounces. If you find it is too much water to drink in one day, target at least 4-6 twelve ounce glasses.
Flavoring and Cooking
Flavoring and cooking styles are important as you focus on eating more whole foods. Certain oils, fats and sweeteners are to be avoided while on the Weight Balancing System food program
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